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Salma - Energy & Quantum Healer - Bali

Beautiful soul,

Thank you for choosing to connect at this time, even if it is through your visit of this page. If you are on this site, it means you are already walking on your divine path of self-discovery, self-healing, and enlightenment. Your reward of walking that path is transmutation, raising your vibration and the expansion of consciousness. Healing yourself contributes to the healing and awakening of our planet and the collective as well.

I thank you for choosing you. I thank you for your courage to follow this path. I thank you for doing this for you, for us, for our planet and for the universe.

Image by Lanju Fotografie

I (choose to) see my life journey of trials and tribulations as a gift. A gift that never stops giving as it has led me on a path of self-transformation, the ability to SEE, to live in my truth and to live in alignment with my soul purpose in life in service of humanity.

Ever since I can remember I had the knowing that I was here for a reason, that there was work to do and that I needed to help. That knowing got translated and packaged in different roles. Although, everything is as it should be, including in my life, these roles left me feeling shackled, veiled in darkness, and intuitively knowing that I was not authentically living in my truth.  

The universe had her ways of presenting other gifts that allowed me to be curious and go within. That journey of awareness, unshackling and unveiling was certainly challenging at times. Still, I made a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source over the call of fear. Deep down I knew that the enlightenment I sought was worth enduring the temporary discomfort of the journey.

These gifts included ‘serendipitously’ connecting with healers and researching their healing methods, the awakening of the knowledge within and working with plant medicine. With each gift I received, the pull towards helping others got stronger. The responsibility and commitment to heal myself first was even stronger. I can say all of these gifts and lessons have led to life changing experiences and the spiritual equilibrium I feel today.  

“I AM - In the process of consciousness, I recognise that I am the reflection of the oneself and I have the power to transform the reality.”  Matias De Stefano

Anyone can access those gifts and lessons. We just have to be willing to be open that door and walk through it.

I am highly committed and passionate about helping people elevate to a higher level of consciousness. My mission is to empower you to heal, to be in alignment with your soul's path and to transform your life. As a certified energy and quantum healing practitioner I offer a range of healing modalities across the globe that will allow for a heart-centred, holistic yet focused approach. Through the support of The Creator of All That Is and your higher self's wisdom, I can transmit high frequencies of healing light, to assist you in releasing, transforming, and evolving spiritually.

Salma - Energy & Quantum Healer

Love & Light

While some might instantly feel triggered and think ‘Love and Light’ only focuses on those elements and the feel-good emotions, it does not. Quite the contrary, light is not possible without journeying to the depths and facing the shadow. The light and darkness are intrinsically connected, one cannot exist without the other.

We have a choice in facing the shadow which involves, healing trauma, healing the inner child, shining a light on the buried shadow self, resolving limiting core beliefs and transmuting wounds into gifts through love and light.

It is the deliberate choice of working with Light, you see. The commitment to work with the light and to being light to the world. By sharing your unique gifts, you are working your light. By connecting to the unlimited supply of love in The Universe, you are working your light. By being true to yourself, you are working your light. By being kind and compassionate, you are working your light.

It is the deliberate choice of working with Love, you see. Love is all that is. It is the core of your being and core of all other beings. Removing the veils of love is the quest. Expanding the field of love for both yourself and others is the ultimate goal. Love heals all wounds. It is that transformative power that can change the world.

You can choose to shine the light of your love into darkness of the shadow, not to destroy it, but to transmute it into knowledge, higher vibrations, and the expansion of consciousness.

Illuminate your heart powerful and beautiful being.

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