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"Be like the lotus; trust in the light, grow through the dirt, believe in new beginnings."

The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a flower that has a long history of spiritual and ceremonial use in ancient Egypt. This majestic plant itself was symbolic for the rising and setting of the sun, considered Sacred and to represent spiritual rebirth and life force energy. The Blue Lotus was also associated with the god Nefertem and was believed to have the power to open the "third eye" and to bring spiritual enlightenment. It was consumed as a tea or wine during religious rituals and it was used in sacred ceremonies for blessing, healing, and meditation. 

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The Benefits of Blue Lotus Tea 

As the flower of intuition the blue lotus is traditionally known to be a gateway to the divine. Due to its unique property Nymphaea, the blue lotus tea allows for balanced healing. For centuries, Blue Lotus has been respected as an ancestral flower known to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming. The effects of the Blue Lotus, or Blue Waterlily, can be euphoric, while helping to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body, and mind. A dried flower that can help promote relaxation and heightened awareness. 

Egypt Edfu temple, Aswan. Passage flanked by two glowing walls full of Egyptian hieroglyph

The Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony 

This powerful and magical flower is used in the blue lotus tea ceremonies for our spiritual guidance. These ceremonies are soft invitations to reconnect to your sacred nature of increased self-awareness, expansion, and healing. You will be guided into a deep meditative journey to meet and listen to your inner wisdom while facilitating a process of transmutation and healing. Experience the bliss of surrender and completely letting go as you settle into a place of stillness, leaving you feeling nourished and well rested.

You can expect to be guided through various practices that are intended to open your chakras, strengthen group harmony, and help you direct your own divine energy. This will include setting intentions, blessings, breath work, meditation, and healing sounds to raise your vibrational frequency. Just like with the ancients, this is a both communal experience and a personally spiritual moment.

Are you ready to be like the lotus, trust in the light and believe in new beginnings?

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