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ThetaHealing is a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing using the Theta brainwave. While in a pure and divine Theta state of mind, we are able to connect with the Creator of All That is through focus prayer. Anyone with a pure belief in God or the creative force can access and use the branches of the ThetaHealing tree.

Theta Brainwave

The human mind has five different brainwaves: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. These are consistently producing waves in all of these frequencies. Everything that you do and everything you say is regulated by the frequency of your brainwaves. A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation; the state used in deep hypnosis and when we dream. Theta brainwaves can be thought of as the subconscious; they govern the part of our mind that is layered between the conscious and the unconscious. They hold memories and sensations. They also govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour. They are always creative and inspirational, characterised by very spiritual sensations.

ThetaHealing can support in changing our beliefs, and the systems that guide our decisions, in an instant. These are the beliefs and programmes we have learned from childhood and from other aspects of our being. Some of them have been passed on from generation to generation.

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ThetaHealing can help with:











Stone Balancing

ThetaHealing Session(s)

The ThetaHealing session involves us having a 1-on-1 conversation. In the first consultation I will introduce this healing modality and will answer all your possible questions.

In ThetaHealing we imagine going up out of our space to trigger a Theta brainwave during a short introductory meditation and visualization techniques. In this theta brainwave state, you will be fully awake. When you imagine yourself going up out of your space through this meditation, you are leaving behind your personal paradigm and limited perceptions of the world. This process triggers new pathways to all parts of the brain and almost turn your consciousness inside out, enabling you to look at everything around you with clarity.

Through this conversation about what you want to change in your life, we will work on identifying core beliefs, feelings and blockages hindering you from making that change today. These core beliefs, feelings and blockages can directly affect your physical and emotional well-being. Identifying these will be done via a combination of the muscle testing technique and the ‘digging for beliefs’ technique. By releasing and changing these core beliefs and thoughts and instilling feelings it is possible to bring about the desired positive manifestations in your life.


The ThetaHealing sessions will allow you to experience a deep state of relaxation and overall a liberating process.

The first session will be 90min and will allow us to identify the core themes we want to work on. One session alone will generate positive changes. It is recommended that you experience two or three sessions to see improvements in your life. When there are larger themes at play and/or you simply want to pace the healing process, we would be looking at a set of follow-on sessions. You can book this directly below or we can discuss this during the first session. Follow-on sessions are 60min.

The ThetaHealing sessions are provided online at the moment.

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