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Before Quantum Healing Session

Set an Intention

Set an intention to have an enlightening session. As soon as you book your session, your Higher Self is already preparing you mentally and spiritually to receive the information you need. Each day, before your session affirm with ‘I allow myself to easily connect with my Higher Self. My quantum healing session will be wonderful and I will receive all the answers I need.’


Meditation will help quieten your mind if you are prone to a ‘busy-brain’ and improve/develop the ability to visualise. Giving yourself quiet time in the days before your session will allow for you to create your question list and open your mind to a successful session.


Notice your Dreams  

When we are going through periods of transition, we can often recall our dreams. Each dream contains clues – write them down and bring them with you.


Coffee and Alcohol 

Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages 24 hours before the session. Please have coffee before your session if you are a regular morning coffee drinker but keep it to a minimum.


Sleep & Relaxation 

Aim for a good night's sleep before your session. Your Higher Self has everything under control. Your session will go exactly as it needs to for your greatest good and with your best interest foremost. On the morning of your session, repeat your intention to have a successful session. You can further support yourself to relax your body and calm the mind through meditation, listening to music or taking a walk.


Dress comfortably

Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing that won’t restrict your circulation. If you wear socks to sleep, bring a pair with you.



Eat a light to moderate breakfast. Your session will run for approximately 4 hours so please bring something to eat after the session. This will also help to ground you.



Write your list of questions. What do you want to know? Consider all aspects of your life that you have questions about – relationships, career, health, spiritual or life path. Be specific. Please bring a clearly written typed and printed copy with you and/or share this with me via email prior to the session. Remember your state of trust and allowing that your Higher Self will give you exactly what you need will create the best possible outcome.



After the session many people feel relaxed and a little tired. If possible, clear the remainder of your day to allow yourself to process your session. You deserve to give yourself this gift of time. It is recommended that you rest and complete light activities, before retiring at the usual time rather than having a nap after the session.

And Finally...

Come along ready for possibility and prepared to learn more about yourself than you may have ever imagined!

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