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Preparation Questions
Quantum Healing Session

Give yourself time and space to relax – this is a lifetime chance to obtain answers to everything you wish to know. Make yourself comfortable and open your mind to curiosity and the potential for an exhilarating adventure all about you.


For a well-rounded list you should make sure to include questions about your health, your career, your purpose, romantic relationships, non-romantic relationships, and general curiosities. There are no taboo subjects for your list. Your Higher Self will not shy away from anything they deem is important for you to know. Take the time you need to compile a list of between 10 and 20 questions. We can always add to your list on the day of your session.


This is a confidential session and the only limits to your questions are the limits you place on yourself.                                     


  • Why do I feel such a connection with [name]?

  • Why do I have a difficult relationship with my [partner/parent/sibling/friend/colleague, etc]?

  • Can it be resolved?



  • Am I in the right career?

  • How can I create financial abundance?

  • I have always been interested in [subject], can we explore this?

  • Which career is better for me, A or B?



  • Why am I experiencing [physical / emotional symptom] and how can I experience wellness?

  • When I feel stressed, I experience [symptom]. Why?

  • I have always suffered from [condition]. Why? Can it be healed?

  • I have had recurring [condition]. What is causing it?

  • Does my Higher Self have dietary or lifestyle advice?

  • Why am I so exhausted, and what can I do to restore good health?


Spiritual/Life Purpose

  • Am I on the right path?

  • I had a vision, sense of déjà vu, or dream-like experience. What happened and what did it mean?

  • How can I become more aware of my Higher Self?

  • Do I have blocks or sabotage patterns that are slowing my progress?

  • I have a phobia or fear of [name]. Why, and can it be healed?

  • How can I create more peace and abundance in my life?

  • Do I have a spiritual guide or guardian?

  • What does my Higher Self want me to know?


Please bring your questions to the session or share them digitally prior to the session. The questions need to be read once you are in hypnosis.

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